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Age: 2.8 – 3+ years

Age: 1:8 & 1:11

Age: 8.00am-6.00pm

Schemes offered: ECCE (subsidy applied for 38 weeks (183 days)) & NCS

Room Team Leader: Ewa Kania

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We strive to create a classroom that is home-like, full of beautiful and interesting materials that are open and available for children to interact independently.

The room is organized into core curriculum areas like the home corner, construction area, cozy/ book corner, math area, and nature shelve representing items and ideas that are most important and interesting for children. This room has a large variety of toys and equipment, including early sensorial and practical life materials.

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Our routine:

The children and educators engage together in learning activities throughout the day. The children can play individually and in groups. The children contribute to the classroom community by caring for materials, and plants, participating in routines, following the classroom rules, and caring for one another. A big part of our programme will focus on music, mini me yoga, arts and crafts, colours, numbers all through song and messy play where we encourage children to express their personalities through creative and imaginative play whilst promoting their self-esteem and concentration.

The outdoor environment is very much part of the children’s daily routine, they love to wonder through the vast grounds in all-weather with their teachers, a favourite place for the children to play is the sand pit area and the park.

Our Curriculum:

Our curriculum is based on the belief that children learn the most during free explanatory play, from the interaction with other children and with other people. Through the observation of this undirected play, we discover the children’s own areas of interest, their active participation, and their needs. We describe this as “an Emergent Curriculum”

Each child has his/her own key worker who assesses the child’s learning, work, and growth.

An individual Aistear diary, observations, pictures, gems are done on an ongoing basis.

We encourage parents to review all the information uploaded on the Childpath app as they provide depth reflections on the learning and work of the children in the Grasshopper room.

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Grasshopper Room Team Leader

Hi, my name is Ewa Kania. I am the team leader in the Grasshopper room. I hold a Master of pedagogy NQF level 8 and Leadership and Management in Early School Years level 8. I have over 16 years of experience in the Early Years sector.

It is very important for me to foster emotional well-being in a safe and well-prepared environment by learning new things, recognising emotions, and expressing them through paintings, drawings, dance, music, and being active.

“I believe if we support children’s emotional well-being then learning become effortless and infinite”

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