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Child & Family Services

Supporting families, keeping children safe

Childhood Matters is a non-profit child & family support service. Our child and family support services are aimed at supporting and promoting positive childhood outcomes, developing & understanding parenting capacity, building overall family resilience, and contributing to healthier and more sustainable communities.

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My First Three Years Matter

2:24 duration

“Initially I was terrified and angry at having to attend Bessborough as I was only allowed to see my son for an hour at a time. I felt as time went on I understood better why the situation was the way it was, on each emotional visit I found the Lime Tree worker to be very empathetic and non-judgmental to my situation, I received the help I needed and my son is now back living with me”

Anna, ParentLimetree Access Service

Every year Childhood Matters engages with over 1000 children locally and nationally to provide high quality child and family support services.


In 2022 we provided individual services to 465 children across Cork


303 children recieved multidisciplinary intervention aimed at improving their future life outcomes. 68% of which included intensive clinically informed intervention


162 children enrolled in our award-winning childcare provision


In 2022 we created 25 new jobs

Childhood Matters’ strategy for 2023-2026

Childhood Matters’ strategy for 2023-2026 will build on our service growth and strengths to see continued high quality service provision, incorporating current research and thinking on infant mental health, children in care, early intervention and the impact of trauma and childhood adversity across the lifespan. We aim to do this through our continued emphasis on relational and trauma informed working styles to facilitate optimum learning and development environments.

It is our aspiration to become a national leaders in the promotion of infant mental health and our need to understand and appreciate the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on children’s lives, and society, through increasing public awareness, empirical research and contribution toward policy development. It is our strongly held belief that by supporting safe and healthy childhood, society will see stronger families and healthy communities.

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