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Teen Parent Support Programme

Supporting Young Parents in Cork

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The Teen Parents Support Programme (TPSP for short) is the only  targeted community-based support service for young parents in Ireland.

We work with young people who become parents when they are aged 19 years or under and can support them until their children are 2 years of age.This service is available to all young parents in Cork who become parents while still in their teens.

TPSP staff actively seeks to engage with young fathers and encourage and support  them to be involved in the lives of their children. They also provides support to grandparents and other family members who play a role in the life of the young parent.The young parent support services are funded by both Tusla, the Child and Family Agency and the HSE. They are free and confidential.

We’re here to help, Childhood Matters offer a  support service for young mothers, young fathers and their families from pregnancy until the baby is 2 years of age.

How Does Our Young Parent Support Programme Work

After you make contact with the service, a TPSP project worker will meet you to talk about your  needs and how the TPSP could support you during your pregnancy and after the birth of your baby.

You can meet the project worker on your own, as a couple, with a member of your family or with someone else of your choice.You can meet in your own home, at the TPSP office or somewhere else where you feel comfortable.

Ongoing support is provided on a one-to-one basis, through group activities or through referral to other sources of support. The Teen Parents Support Programme can also provide support and financial assistance to help parents stay in and complete educational pursuits.

What Support Does the Teen Parent Programme Provide?

Our teen parent support services are tailored to your needs. The workers in the TPSP will give you one-one support to deal with your own individual situation. For example:

  • You can talk about how your pregnancy is affecting you and how it is affecting your relationship with those around you – such as the other parent of your child and your own parents.
  • The TPSP workers can support you to take care of yourself and your baby both before and after the birth and help you adjust to your new roles and responsibilities as a parent.
  • They can inform you about your rights as your child’s father or mother.
  • They can give you information and support with regard to your welfare rights and entitlements, accommodation, education, training or childcare.
  • The TPSP project workers will know the other supports and services for young parents in your area and, if you wish, can put you in touch with them or speak with them on your behalf.
  • The TPSP also provides support and information for grandparents and other family members.

Who can refer?

Referrals can be made through this website by parents themselves, family members or professionals working with the family.

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