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One Year Leaving Cert Courses

Childhood Matters offers a one year Leaving Cert programme designed to ease students back into education in a more relaxed and supportive environment.

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What does a one year leaving cert course look like?

During this one year Leaving Cert course, the school day takes place from 9.30-1pm Monday to Friday.
Students can choose from a range of subjects including English, Maths, History, Biology, Geography, Business Studies, Art and Home Economics.
Education plans are personalised for students and extra support is provided for students if needed.

Full crèche facilities are available on site for students who have children.
The Leaving Cert exams take place on site in the centre in June which can be a more relaxed and familiar setting for students.
Regular career advice is offered to support students during their one year leaving cert course journey in choosing the next step in education or work.

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