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Age: 4 month to 1 year +

Ratio: 1:11

Opening Times: Full day care only: 8.00am-6.00pm

Schemes offered: NCS (National Childcare scheme)

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In Childhood Matters we offer care for babies 4months +.

Our baby room is warm, welcoming, and specially designed to support your baby’s emotional, physical, and social development.

Our baby room provides a bright stimulating and colourful room with age appropriate toys and a wonderful enclosed garden attached to the room allowing for safe out door movement to foster your child’s curiosity as he/she discovers the world around them. New equipment and toys are introduced which will aid your baby’s development. The children are stimulated in a learning capacity where there is an element of holistic play in their equipment.  Music/movement and activities to promote learning and development are continuous throughout the day.

Each baby has his/her own cot in the sleep room attached to the baby room which has a viewing window from the main room, the children are also physically checked every 10 minutes and a monitor is in place. There is soft music playing with twinkling lights on the ceiling to promote a calming environment.

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We know how hard it is to entrust your baby to someone else’s hands, our highly qualified and motivated team will work in partnership with you to make the transition process easier for you and your baby and reassure you your baby is safe and happy.

It is very important for us as a team to help your child to feel loved and secure when he/she is in our care. We work together in partnership with parents in the child’s settling in week prior to the start date to ensure that your child is happy and comfortable in his/her new environment and allowing time in getting to know the team and other children in the room. The team will quickly learn your child’s sleep patterns, bottle times (babies) and everything that will make your child’s transition easier. Over a period of time your child will settle into a routine with the other children and we allow the child to lead us rather than we lead the child.

No one knows your baby better than you so we will follow the routine you have established for your child at home and that you know is best for her/him. We are always willing to advise you and give you the support you may need as first-time parents.

The best interest and well-being of your baby are our priority. Our curriculum is play-based as we believe this is the best way of learning. The Caterpillar team follows the Aistear principles to make sure your baby will achieve their true potential.

Each child has his/her own key worker who assesses the child’s learning, work, and growth.

Each child has his/her own key worker who assesses the child’s learning, work, and growth.

An individual Aistear diary, observations, pictures, gems are done on an ongoing basis.

We encourage parents to review all the information uploaded on the Childpath app as they provide depth reflections on the learning and work of the children in the Caterpillar room.

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